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The Joy of Saving the Human Race
is a podcast and YouTube channel,
hosted by Shelby Mertes.
It is aimed at a global audience. 
Experts and regular people will find
this show useful and interesting.
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What if we had a world we could be proud of?

The human race is beautiful, and worth saving.


We face several existential threats, like climate change, environmental destruction, pandemics, nuclear weapons and risky new technology
like artificial intelligence and genetic engineering. 

We humans have put ourselves in a dangerous situation.


No country alone can save us.

We need global solutions to deal with these global threats.


Human population has exploded in just a couple hundred years,
along with humans’ damage to the planet.

We have a busy, crowded, interconnected world. 

We do not have adequate tools to manage our collective behavior.


The United Nations and other global systems are not yet up to the task.

As a world, we have not invested our attention and resources to equip them for today’s challenges.

As a world, we humans need to be more intentional about our future.


The Joy of Saving the Human Race explores how we can make global systems for responsibly managing ourselves.  We consider what kind of world we want, and how we’re going to make it happen.


We deserve to have a world we can be proud of.


Please join me.


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