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Help the Cause

One person alone cannot save the human race.  And working alone is less joyful. 

I want The Joy of Saving the Human Race to be a team effort.


If our relationship is simply me creating the show and you consuming it, that’s fine.  But I would rather you and I work together to make our world better.  And my dream is that over time, a worldwide tribe of people come together around this work.


So, if the thought of saving the human race makes you feel joyful, then here are some ways we can work together…

Spread the Word

Tell other people about the show: friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, people on your social media, strangers – whoever.  People sometimes ask me, “Who is the target audience for your show?” - and I respond, “Everyone”.  


To create a worldwide citizen movement to push for global improvements, we need as many people engaged as we can get.  That’s why I try to make the show accessible to people of all types and all backgrounds.  When you find people you’d like to educate about these important global issues, telling them about The Joy of Saving the Human Race is a good way to help them get involved.

Donate Money

Making this show is not easy.  It takes time, and work.  And there are expenses - like hosting for this website, podcast hosting, and equipment.  Donations help with these expenses.

More importantly, donations help me reduce my other employment that pays my bills - so I can spend more time making a high-quality show for you.  I hope that with enough support, The Joy of Saving the Human Race can become my full time job.  

I have a humble standard of living.  Nothing fancy here in my life.  Your financial support will not go toward luxury – it will be a meaningful contribution to rent, food and essentials.  I don’t expect to ever get wealthy doing this work.  In fact, if donations ever surpass what I need to live on, I’ll start hiring other people to help expand the work on this show and related projects.

I am incredibly grateful for any amount you offer, small or large, just once or on a monthly basis.  It all helps.  You can do that here:

Donate Time and Skills


If you have skills and a willingness to help, you are welcome here.  Some types of assistance would help me release shows more frequently, and keep the quality high.  Other types of help would allow me to spread the word about the show to reach more listeners, and then over time grow this into an advocacy effort.


Ways to help include:

  • Editing video

  • Transcribing episodes and translating that text into additional languages – using automated computer tools that need human correction (I’ll teach you how).  This task helps bring the show to people with impaired hearing, and to an international audience of many languages.

  • Managing the YouTube channel, and monitoring comments there

  • Cultivating various social media

  • Organizing online events to interact and discuss important issues

  • Fundraising


Beyond these tasks I’ve mentioned, you may have ideas I haven’t considered yet.  
I welcome your thoughts.  Bring it.


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